Dangers of Mismanaged IT

What are the dangers of mismanaged IT? What should I look for? How do I know my company is being mismanaged?

Information technology (IT) infrastructure can truly make or break a business. This is especially true for small and medium sized businesses that have limited resources and opportunities at their disposal. Given the significant role that IT can play in shaping, maintaining, and maximizing the productivity of a company, it is important for business owners to realize that poorly managed technical support can have plenty of detrimental results. However, 30A.it would like to help you bypass those results.

David Cochrane is the president of 30A.it, an information technology management company that offers a wide variety of services to small to medium businesses, and he feels that business owners really need to be aware of the dangers of mismanaged IT. After all, the act of relying on technology can put a business owner in a rather precarious situation. Information systems are really only as good as the individuals who manage and maintain them. A poorly managed IT system can result in the security breaches and exposure of personal company information, either on an intra-company or public level. By improperly securing information business owners put themselves in the position of having unauthorized employees access critical data, which can be shared to the detriment of the business. Poor patching practices (applying software updates to computers) can also contribute to, not only to data breaches, but bugs that corrupt company data or reduce employee productivity.

Mismanaged IT comes with its fair share of quantifiable financial consequences. A poorly managed IT system will cost a business owner far more then necessary when it comes to program and system implementation. Poorly managed IT does not provide: employee training programs, seamless system integration, and efficient system usability. As a result, the majority of employees have difficulty using the provided programs and actually become a liability to the company instead of serving a positive role within the business. Any value that might be gained as the result of a high tech system implementation could easily be negated by a lack of employee usability. Employees who have been well trained to use systems that are needed every day will be more efficient and produce fewer errors over time; therefore, saving the company money and bringing in a large return on investment. The best way to ensure that a company’s IT infrastructure is being maximized is to implement an effective IT management system.

Poor technical support can also result in a less than stellar company reputation. An unreliable infrastructure can prevent a company from operating efficiently, thereby potentially reducing its value in the eyes of many key customers. Situations involving the loss of customer data can also wreak havoc on a company’s standing by presenting the business as weak or ill-prepared. In addition, the loss of customers’ personal data could result in significant fines for the company. An undependable IT infrastructure can expose a company to system outages, thereby halting business and putting owners in the position of potentially losing clients to competitors with stronger, more reliable systems in place.

Given the dangers inherent in mismanaged IT support, small to medium business owners would be wise to take the necessary steps to ensure that their companies are solid and secure. Of course, this is not a task that most company owners can tackle on their own. Fortunately, there are companies like 30A.it who can analyze business systems, ensure that they are running efficiently, and minimize the likelihood of IT-related disasters. In this day and age, IT management is the last thing a business owner should ever be willing to compromise. As a result, 30A.it allows its clients to focus on what they do best while we focus on assuring their technology solutions are reliable, secure and efficient.

Author: David Cochrane Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA Network+

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