The Team is a boutique IT shop catering to the needs of businesses around 30A, South Walton, and Bay Counties between Destin and Panama City. It stems from a national IT management resource called Fluent Business Solutions serving clients in a diverse array of industries all across the country. Our “boutique” roots are deeply ingrained in not only who we are, but how we get things done.

David Cochrane, President and CEO
David founded with a vision of being an innovative leader in today’s technology market. He knows the value of education, experience, hard work, and understands that integrity and character are paramount to running a successful business. David enjoys developing the business and helping clients receive the best care possible.

Anne Goodrich, Communications Specialist
Anne has been a professional communications specialist and graphic designer for over 25 years, experienced in working in the print industry as well as the Web. Anne has been the recipient of several top state and national public relations awards.

Darien Day, Senior Network Specialist
Darien is a gifted technician and sets the bar high when it comes to installations, implementations, and IT support. Darien studies hard in his limited spare time as he works toward a computer programming degree.

Robin Mizerak, Accounting & Finance
Robin is the perfect accountant for us because she is friendly, type A, smart, and hard working. Aside from all of her accounting experience, Robin holds CompTia Network +, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. We are proud to have her as a member of our team. Robin assisted with several technology companies and owned her own successful IT support company which ended up merging with’s parent company back in 2008.

Interns provides internships for local high school and college students that find an interest in technology, excel academically, and desire to be part of our exceptional team.

Advisors would like to thank its advisors for their exemplary service. This includes highly educated people in various industries. They add a solid foundation that allows to introduce innovative technology more effectively to its customers. Advisors offer their time and expertise to help navigate the future and position itself strategically in order to earn market share, grow steadily, and increase value for its customers. Advisors learn through active participation of industry trends which in turn affect strategic plans for their own businesses.