Top Tech Trends Top Tech Trends

  • Big data will continue to grow even bigger – requiring more space and processing power than ever before. Buy up processor stocks or derivatives on the dips and play them long.
  • 95% of businesses will have at least some technology hosted in the cloud; whether it’s servers, email, web, enterprise information systems, and/or phone systems. Get on board, but be careful to match your business requirement to features, security, and reliability you need before making the change.
  • Imagine if the same groups that hacked Sony would decide to attack your small business. Do you think they would be successful? We think small businesses will be targeted at a higher rate and need to greatly strengthen the fortification around their tech assets. Cybersecurity will be a top priority with at least one newsworthy hack on government or a major corporation every month this year. Quick help – check into using OpenDNS, and have a tech threat assessment performed.
  • Data scientists and analysts will be some of the most sought after job positions to fill this year. These jobs can add massive value by uncovering hidden business opportunity, solve problems, and provide insight for making smarter business decisions.
  • Ever tried candy dots on paper? In 1980 Necco acquired Cumberland3D printing top tech trendValley which invented these tasty little buttons. They continue to print ¾ billion each year! Printer technology advanced rapidly since then, and this will be a huge year for in-home 3D printer experimentation. Check out some of the 3D printer creations by these delicatessens.
  • Do you like technology and are you interested in law? If yes, consider a new career path. Check out patent law and learn about protecting intellectual property software and usage rights. This is going to be one of the fastest growing legal fields. US Small Business Administration – IP Links
  • Home Automation has been around for a while and we believe as tech advances, and prices drop, adoption will grow rapidly. Nest is cool, however there are a lot of fantastic market innovators out there. A favorite of ours is Control4 for their feature rich easy to configure products. They use the open source ZigBee network for device connectivity and take advantage of the IP network for management which makes mobile control easy, and makes programming new devices more efficient – hence making them extremely competitive.
  • Wearable digital debuted years ago but didn’t seem to catch on as much as expected last year. This year we foresee wearable health technology prospering across the nation., a favorite health and performance app of ours was acquired by Under Armour who also created UA-Record. Companies like this are integrating seamlessly with all sorts of amazing athletic data-grabbing gear and spinning that data around to make it useful, and fun!

As you can see, there are many tech trends that continue to gain popularity and acceptance. If you want to read more, here are some links for continued reading on crowdfunding, virtual reality, coding, gaming, and autonomous cars, and goodbye to Cable TV!

Author: David Cochrane, Owner
Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, CompTIA Network+, Identity and Access Security

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